Virtual Learning

In PDHPE, students could create and participate in a virtual world much like students have done in this video Practical Examples of using
a Virtual 3D Environment for Learning in High School

Students could create a health care centre, where they could go to practice asking questions relating to issues such as sexual health, mental health or drug use. There could be a virtual chemist, where students could gather information about contraception, and there could be a food shop, where students could stock healthy foods and provide information for consumers.

Students could create and meet at a virtual party, where they could practice communication techniques to help minimise or prevent harm to themselves and their friends. This would be beneficial because many students are too embarrassed to discuss certain topics in real life, and this form of communication could help them develop confidence before practicing face to face communication.

Students could also create a virtual lab, where models of the human body could be used to help students learn about bones, muscles, systems and the way the body functions.

These techniques could enhance lessons by providing teachers and students with a variation to the typical classroom environment where most learning is supposed to take place.

These are some of the ideas that came to my mind relating to PDHPE issues. Please feel free to add to these thoughts!



2 responses to “Virtual Learning

  1. Some very solid ideas Paul.

    I have one question I would like to ask in relation to students primarily using the internet for everything.

    Do you not think that students will suffer without the regular face to face communication?

    Okay through being connected online, individuals are able to socialize but its really not the same. Without face to face interaction students may lose the drive to socialize and become socially awkward.

    When going for a job later in life the interview process will weed out the applicants that have lower social skills.

    I support learning spaces but in moderation like everything.

  2. I totally agree with you there Lloyd. I believe communication and socialising are essential and face to face discussions should make up the majority of learning experiences in PDHPE.
    These are just some ideas of ways virtual worlds could be incorporated to support PDHPE teaching and learning.

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