New Media and ICTs

I found this interesting link about connecting with parents while looking at the tweets of Steven W. Anderson at

Couros believes:

– Parents should be considered partners in learning, because any information that can deepen conversations at home about the learning going on at school will help improve the learning of the child. Share the classroom experience and give parents the opportunity to share expertise and knowledge. 

– Go to where the parents are. Many parents now use facebook and twitter, so make it easier for them by using them too. If parents understand it and are comfortable using it they are more likely to interact.

– Share student work, because if parents are looking at the learning and creation going on in the school it will become more meaningful to the students and the parents will be more likely to discuss learning at home.

– Talk to the parents. Remember that all this technology provides exciting new possibilities for interaction and learning, but they can’t replace face to face conversation or a phone call. 

This article is relevant in relation to both ‘ICTs and New Media’ and ‘Learning Spaces’, because it discusses the importance of teachers understanding the options available to them, their students and the parents regarding ICT and new media, while also looking at ways to restructure the learning spaces of their students by opening pathways for parent interaction and discussions about learning in the home.


One response to “New Media and ICTs


    Yes, I agree that this area needs special considerations. There are many pro’s and con’s to ICT and the parents definetely need to be seen face to face. I like to idea of sharing with the parents the school uses. Could be through stuff like Prezi or power points..

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